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Posted in Wordpress by OMEITOR on August 31, 2005

Since I have an invite, and no urgent need of cash (eBay anyone?), I’d like to give it to anyone interested.

But since I feel a lot of people are interested in it, I will make a little contest:

The invite will be given to the most shameless beggar, meaning you will have to post a comment with some decent reasonsoning on why you want the invite (and what for), and if I like your comment, I will give you the invite.
This is a little bit like the contest held by Matt last week, however, I won’t make any specific requirements, it’s really simple:

If I like the comment, I give you the invite.

The contest ends saturday 12pm GMT.

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28 Responses to 'My Invite'

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  1. J. said,

    I’m still waiting for my invite to show up in my dashboard. I could have swore it was there

  2. tech said,

    It’s not in the dashboard, it’s under Manage > Invites

  3. J. said,

    Well it was there went I first signed up last night but it disappeared. I just sent a feedback to inquire though.

  4. tech said,

    Weird, maybe you sent it to someone?? πŸ™‚

  5. XeroCool said,

    I would like an invite where I can post some personal stuff, and blog entries about stuff. Especially since school is starting.

  6. Dante said,

    I am a Secular Humanist attending a Catholic school, and as a result I face a lot of persecution for my lack of belief in God. I’d like to use my blog to write about this to showcase the persecution of atheists in modern-day America.

    Oh, and I’d write about some personal stuff too. πŸ™‚


  7. J. said,

    Hmm..can’t remember but maybe the evil monkey in my closet did. I have no clue mate.

  8. Monkeypup said,

    I’d use my blog to get girls. Lots of girls. The kinds of girls that get excited when some nerd gets an invite to a web application 99% of womankind has never heard of.
    Yeah. Those girls.

  9. Paal Eugene Chunz said,

    Dear Sir,

    I am Dr. Paal Eugene Chunz, the Head of Department of Computing at the University of Lagos,Lagos State Nigeria.

    I write to solicit your involvement in a project of mutual benefits. We got your contact over the Internet.

    In February 1999, a research grant (US$26.5Million) was given to my department with I leading a team of other technologists,
    by the Technological Society of Nigeria,to conduct a research on the effect of the internet in Nigeria.

    The research has since been concluded (specifically in August 2002). Of the total amount given to us for the research purposes we only expended US$16 Million (we install a T1 line, pimp my Toyota truck and buy the company of very beautiful ladies), leaving a balance of US$10.5 Million.

    We are contacting you with a view to transferring this balance out for our own use. We have put in over 25 years of our lives into working for the government and as academics we do NOT have anything to show for it (apart from the hot wheels) hence this opportunity we see as a God-Sent one.

    We sincerely hope that you will be of assistance to us. I implore you to treat this mail as confidentially as possible as we are still active academicians, though retiring in the first quarter of next year. If you are not in a position to assist us, please do not allow this comment to appear on your blog.

    Upon receipt of your acceptance to assist us in this,we will
    negotiate on what should be your take from this ammount for assisting us. If interested in this venture, please send your wordpress invitation, bank account details,full names and address and your direct mobile phone/land lines for effective communication.

    Please I await your urgent response through my private email add for action.

    Prof. Sir Paal Eugene Chunz

  10. tech said,

    That was the most interesting piece of spam I’ve ever read.

    I’m sorry to disapoint you, but since I’m ot stupid I won’t give you my personal information so you can get all my damn money.

    The only thing you will get from this comment, is being IP banned from my sites, thanks, go die now πŸ™‚

  11. macewan said,

    I’ll lend you my mother-in-law for a month. She makes outstanding coffee in the morning. Hell I’m willing to even throw her cat into the deal.

  12. jtintle said,

    Is the begging still going on? If so PLEASE help me be cool for the first time in my poor pathetic life….*sniff*….. by sending me the invite.

    If not oh well congrats on the on the invite and new site

  13. tech said,

    The contest is still on, I will announce a winner on sunday 12pm GMT (did you even read the post.. πŸ™‚ )

  14. ch0de said,

    I would like an invite where I can talk about my life, and technology related stuff on the net. I would also like to write some off my own articles, etc..:)

  15. SkullyFM said,

    Every time you refuse me a invite, God kills a kitten…

  16. I run How to Blog over at, and read with great interest your review of and WordPress 1.6.

    I’d love to be the recipient of your invite, as I’ve been on the fence between TypePad and WordPress for quite some time now. While I lean towards WordPress for my own use because it is so feature rich and customizable AND handles spam like a bugzapper on speed, I often recommend TypePad to my site’s visitors because of it’s sheer ease of use in comparison to WP for those who aren’t as technically inclined (and may not know how to FTP anything, nevermind CHMOD or even edit any php files). A hosted version of WP that has a WYSIWYG editor could be the best of all worlds!

    I would use it to create a wordpress specific version of my ‘How to Blog’ site which would be geared towards finding great resources for WP bloggers.

    That said, I can’t bear the thought of God going around killing kittens, so perhaps SkullyFM should get the invite ;P

  17. anonymuis said,

    If I’m invited I’d catch the attention of someone i love by giving him my invitation to


    Jokes πŸ˜‰

    If I was you I should give the invitation to Emily, she deserves it πŸ™‚

  18. Dante said,

    I’d like to post an addendum to my previous comment: Pretty Please?

  19. Dante said,

    So…who won the invite?

  20. tech said,

    My bad, i thought I wrote sunday, I will announce the winner later. There are many interesting comments, give a me a couple of hours will ya?

  21. tech said,

    Emily, I’m giving you the invite since you seem to want to promote, and I like the idea πŸ™‚ Should i send it to the mail you provided in the form? If not please contact me ASAP, and I will email it to you (you can find my email in this very same comment πŸ˜‰ ), or just post a comment

    SkullyFM your comment really made me laugh, contact me @ contact -AT- technewsonline -dot- net
    I might just help you get an invite :p…..

  22. SkullyFM said,

    Emily, I’m really happy you won this invite. You deserve it better than I with my crappy comment ^_^

  23. Dante said,

    I guess discrimation isn’t all that important then? πŸ™‚

    But couldn’t you make a WP invite factory, by setting up another email adress, sending an invite to that one, setting up a blog, getting another invite, then send it somewhere else, etc? Or is that “cheating”?

  24. OMEITOR said,

    Look, if you just want a free WordPress host, why don’t you try, it has the same software uses.
    On the other hand, if you really want to get a * blog, why don’t you ask Emily for the invite (once she gets it.. I’m still waiting for her answer….), and then you can just give her your invite back, so no harm is done and se still gets to invite whoever she wants.
    I don’t really thing it’s cheating, in fact I think the reason is invite-only, is because of spam blogs, and people who just sign up to try stuff and then leave them after a day or two.

    The only thing you shouldn’t do with your invite is sell it, not that it’s forbidden, but I don’t think that’s what the invite sistem is about..

  25. Emily said,

    Yay! Thank you so much for choosing me – I will definitely use the invite to benefit the wordpress community AND write a full review of having a blog vs a blog. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you – I was not online over the weekend (a rarity!)

    Yes, you can send the invite to email I used in the form – and thanks again!

    And thanks to those who routed for me πŸ™‚ Skully – your comment was pretty darn funny

  26. blogging said,

    Got the invite and launched my new blog at

    Thanks again!

  27. eazyvg said,

    If left, can I have one, which I want to dedicate for my personal blogging, relating to Open Source movement. Thanks

  28. OMEITOR said,


    You already have 2 blogs…

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