New features!

Posted in Wordpress by OMEITOR on September 10, 2005


There are a couple of nice features that have been implemented in

 The dashboard feeds are now back, here’s a  screenshot:

New Dashboard


As you can see, the planet WordPress feeds are now gone, replaced by the top blogs and the latest posts.




Some other bugs have also been fixed now, including one that in my opinion could have gotten in real trouble.

Not that I’m going to tell you what it was.  


Hopefully the ability to edit templates will be available soon, if not might just loose a good bunch of customers.

That’s about it for this week. 


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  1. Donncha said,

    Oy! That’s my screenshot! 😛

  2. miklb said,

    if not might just loose a good bunch of customers.

    Hmm. Unless you were the person who paid for the invite on ebay, I’m guessing this is free for you as well. Insomuch that I’d like more themes to choose from, and the ability to tweak, it’s still a great “deal”.

  3. OMEITOR said,

    Yes! I dind’t feel like using PS today, so i figured you wouldn’t mind I hotlinked your screenshot. Figured hotlinking wasn’t turned off if both blogs are in the same domain.. 🙂


    No, I didn’t pay for the invite, I got it for free. In fact I can have as many blogs as I want, but I won’t abuse the system, nor profit from it.
    I agree with you, it’s still a great deal, but you have to consider that many bloggers want to add ads to their blogs, either to become probloggers, or just to get some revenue.. Of course this could be fixed by installing Adsense Deluxe and tweaking it, so that users can add an ad spot say after the first post, before the comments, in the sidebar… well you get the idea..

  4. I’m just concerned that the feedback on dashboard who’s currently gathering feedback from blogs all over is a great gateway to spam posting don’t you think?

  5. OMEITOR said,

    Well, I think Matt and Donncha are the only ones getting the feedback emails (they are the only developers who answered to my desperate feedback mails 🙂 ), and besides, do you really think someone’s going to sit there and copy paste tons of spam msgs?
    That would be really stupid, besides they can simply ban the email from and delete the blog, and blacklist the IP itself ( a real spammer would be behind a proxy… but…), anyway they can simpy delete the blog and the user, and that’s it. No more spam :).

    Oh, and I’m sure they all got powerful spam filters, and I tHink they have added a filter for all outgoing mail from (they use sendmail or something of that kind after all.. it’s just the AJAXy coolness that makes you think Woa, how did that happen 🙂 ).
    If not, they should.

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